Kitchen Venting…

You live in a european country (and you are Mexican, like myself – yup I am half)… the struggle becomes so real when trying to make authentic Mexican food.  I cannot find a chili hot enough for my salsa (and yes I have tried habaneros – currently three in my taco sauce and it’s still not hot enough).  I had to vent… purely out of frustration when your food doesn’t turn out the way it usually does.


Yeme Grocery Store (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Yeme is a grocery store within Bratislava, Slovakia that has traveled a large number of kilometers to locate farms in order to prepare their concept, “quality and freshness”. Although we live next to a large farmers market, we often venture to Yeme for their meats, dairy, and their bakery. Each week they feature a specific meat and a recipe.

I highly recommend this grocery store and have attached some photos below therefore you can get a feel for this place!  Although some things may be pricier than others, keep in mind – you pay for what you get!