2017!! Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be an amazing year!


Yes or No????

Lately I have been sooo into Podcasts. I find myself reaching for the remote control less often and gravitating more towards my iPad. When you are living abroad, it becomes difficult to keep up with the news events and, of course, daily celebrity news.

Having a degree in Communications with an Emphasis in Media and Tourism along with a few minors, I’ve decided to put my major to the test. Writing is by far my favorite thing to do, but I feel like you really have to know my personality in order to understand my sarcasm and blog pieces. I never take things in life too seriously. My family has been through some health scares and that has helped me realize that life can be short and it is important to embrace adventure.

Every time I think about radio, I will never forget a producer, I once worked for at ABC Sports, saying “he had a face for radio”, therefore he decided to stay behind the scenes. Hilarious. The line stuck with me.

Considering a Podcast? A girlfriend of mine (crazy how we met and how fast we became such close friends – I literally talk to her everyday and legit get concerned for her life if I haven’t heard from her longer than a day) and I are debating on this whole Podcast idea. We both are extremely outgoing and are VERY opinionated. Sarcastic – duh. We can agree to disagree on certain things but that’s what we enjoy most. We are brutally honest and have respect for each other. You always need a girl friend in your life like this – she wont tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

The debate is up… Should we or shouldn’t we? The topics will be broad. Discussing anything from television shows, celebrities, personalities, every day life struggles, being a mom, not being a mom, dating problems, marriage issues, happily ever after vs reality, living abroad, must go vacations… featuring guests. The list goes on but maybe you are starting to get the idea.

Couple Podcasts I am currently enjoying:

  • Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald      (by far my favorite)
  • Brandi Glanville Unfiltered       (She is so drama and I love her drama)
  • Straight Up with Stassi  (pretty annoying she only talks about herself but I still listen)
  • Serial         (for obvious reasons, Season 1 is the tits)
  • Secrets, Crimes, and Audiotape          (not completely sold on this one yet)
  • Anna Faris is Unqualified                (subscribed but yet to listen to one pod)
  • Bitch Sesh       (hilarious)
  • Embedded       (News Stories revisited/elaborated on)
  • Invisibilia        (Psychology and Human behavior)
  • The Young Turks       (Politics)

College Girl’s Lovers (The Men that Come and Go)

(First off, I have to put a disclosure on this post because many people will think I am talking about myself when I am explaining these stories but let me remind you (in case you have already forgotten or are new to my website) posts published under “Babes Babbling (Stories)” are NOT my personal stories. They can be made up, they can be shared with me, and they can also be things girls talk about but never write about. This Section is for pure entertainment and laughter.)


Where to even start with College?! I mean most girls that have gone to college create some of their most memorable moments there. The memories you have will stick with you or haunt you forever. Majority of the time, you will catch yourself reminiscing and laughing over these wild days with your girlfriends and then later in life telling your parents. But how about the guys you encounter during your good ol college days?!

Lets Talk.

The First College Guy “Friend”

You maybe meet him in your class or a friend introduces you. This guy is deep and artistic, or at least you think he is I mean you did just graduate from high school and you can assure yourself you never met anyone like this in your H.S. days.

The College Athlete

So he either plays football, soccer, baseball, hockey, whatever the fuck as long as he is not a swimmer (I mean their bodies are banging but its like all the chlorine has entered their brain and they often times use the term “brah” or “sup” and it just vibes off as uneducated). Anyways, this guy tends to be the cool guy on campus with a bright future in a professional league. He doesn’t have to attend class because lawd knows the professors are going to give him the “A” (we all know how that plays out). He is the guy that picks you up late at night and takes you to the movies in your pajamas but also doesn’t mind a quick bang in the back seat of his car. He comes around often but not as often as you like … I mean his main focus is to make it to the pros.

The “Babe” or “Boo” Guy

You swear this guy doesn’t know you real name because all he calls you by  are terms of endearment as if y’all have been dating for years. He was probably a great lay just because he let his emotions get the best of him sexually but let’s be fucking honest, you were happy to let this one go. You can’t help but laugh this one off with your girlfriends!

The “Don’t shit wear you eat” but too late Guy

He is another one you may have a class with, he makes the best fucking latte at the Starbucks on your campus, or he works at a bar you visit often with your girlfriends. You think your sly when you slip him your number or invite him home one night after a pub crawl. Be careful, he can turn into a stage five clinger but you have long passed using your brain to reconsider this one. You guys did it once, but needless to say you may be ditching that class more often, making your own lattes at home, or finding a new favorite bar.

The Selfie Guy

Now why the fuck does this guy constantly send you selfies of himself (Mirror selfies to be exact)?!  Obviously he thinks he is hot (possibly hotter than he thinks you are), but the more he messages you the more you realize how into himself he is.  Lets just say it was a fun “one time thing” but this one has already been kicked to the curb. Now you can poor yourself a glass of wine and share with your girlfriends all the photos he sends you (laugh it up ladies).

The Still in Love with His Ex Guy

He’s a good catch but my gah if you have to hear another fucking story about his ex girlfriend (either comparing her to you or some lame as memory you could care less about) you are going to put a bullet in your head (better yet, in his head because this guy is a beautifully damaged lost cause). After sex, he was using the blanket to secretly wipe his tears… bye loser.

The One You Got Rid of Guy (Your Ex)

Why does this guy keep getting chances.  Short and simple.  He is a total asshole who you don’t find yourself spending your life with, but he is a great lay.  You just want to bang it out and bye.. but he always wants more.

The Head Over Heals in Love with You Guy

It all started by small talk and flirting – little hand touches on your hips. Flirty but harmless. Wrong. You didn’t sleep with him right away, which only made him want you more (guys ALWAYS want what they can’t have). Finally, you do the dirty deed and it is like you have created a love spell. This guy has instantaneously falling for you. You tell him you think it is best you remain friends because y’all have a better friendship, but you no longer talk as often. I mean his heart is crushed. You run into him and his friends while you and your friends are at a party and he tries not to make eye contact with you BUT when you leave and check your phone… Oops there it is – he messaged you asking why you didn’t say hello.

Your Ex’s Friend Guy

You have all been there … You break up with your boyfriend and his best friend is there at the party looking at you.. and your like “GIRL this is a bad idea, but blame it on the juice!!” He is a great call when you are board at home with absolutely no plans.

Your Friend’s Ex or Crush Guy

This happens all the time. Your girlfriend can’t help but talk about this hot guy she is crushing on. You finally meet him and turns out you secretly couldn’t agree more with your friend. Seems like he has a thing for you and not your friend. And one night it happens. Who the fuck can you tell or talk about this with because you pray it never gets back to your friend. Now when she talks about him, in your head you are guiltily thinking she couldn’t be more wrong about the guy because you have been there are done that (you know exactly what he is all about).

The Romantic Night Guy

The guy couldn’t be more charming. I mean you wonder why the hell some girl hasn’t snatched him off the market. He does everything right and chivalry goes a long way. Dinner, flowers, sweet notes and text messages, as well as compliments for days. I mean put a fucking ring on it already! You wait a couple dates before sleeping with him until that one night. And “Oh fuck” there it is… the exact reason why no lady has wifed him up. He has the most disappointingly sized dick, ever. Why??????! (Here is your ring back).