Nascar Weekend (Auto Club Speedway)

Wanted to share a quick clip of our recent Nascar adventures. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of footage but we have been going to Nascar ever since I was born (28 years) so I will have to put together another video with previous footage and share that eventually. This year was very special because we celebrated the tracks anniversary and having our spot in the infield for 20 years (ever since this track was open my family had their infield camping spot)… Hope you like!


From Miss to Mrs.

Changing your name after marriage is a process. Let’s be honest, your still reminiscing of your fairytale day and have yet to think about the annoying steps you’re about to take when it comes to taking your husband’s last name. I know there are many different companies out there that will handle this entire name changing process for you, but if your like me and just want to handle it yourself then keep reading…No one ever explained to me how time consuming this part would be but in the end it is all worth it!

If you decide to change your last name, listed below is the stack of government papers you will need to complete/file in a state-specific order:

  • Purchase 3 copies of your marriage certificate. The certificates will be used as your legal proof or marriage and will either need to be shown or submitted.
  • Hit up your local Social Security office and complete the SS-5 application form. You will need to bring proof of identity and legal name change. (I used my birth certificate and my marriage certificate). These will be submitted.
  • Visit your local DMV/Transportation Office in order to change the name on your license and update any additional info (like new address, if needed). Depending on which state you live in – they will determine the process. Make sure to bring proof of identity, marriage certificate, and proof of residency (if you moved). ALSO, they may retake your license photo (they did for me) so make sure your hair is did girl!!
  • Notify the IRS of your name change (for tax purposes). – Form 8822
  • Update your Passport. If you live a traveling life, like we do, this process is stressful because you have to complete this fast (paying extra to rush your passport, if needed). Bring two passport photos (making sure the correct measurements apply – depending on your country). Also, bring a check and or credit card. You will be submitting your marriage certificate and old passport, in which these items will be mailed back to you via local post within a couple weeks.
  • Notify the Post Office of your name change/new address.
  • Change your name on your credit cards, checks, personal accounts, mortgage, utilities, investments, gym, doctors’ office, and or any other personal paperwork with your identity. (Don’t forget your social media accounts/emails).


This shit is annoying and time consuming but obviously needs to be done once in your life! (After completing all the above, I have a hard time understanding The Real Housewives of whatever and the amount of times they get married and have to change their last names – no thank you!)

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and your honey!

Putting Life in Perspective…

It’s one of those days… when you throw T-Pain’s Epiphany Album on and reminisce on all the good times you have had in your life.  This specific album takes me way back.  It’s been a long week, you know what “fuck it”, it has been a long month! However, I can’t help but feel extremely blessed to live the life we live.  A lot of times, we (as in everyone) find ourselves counting down the days till the end of the week, forgetting to appreciate all the little things in life that mean so much to us.  Like family, friends, and good health – because at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. Don’t forget to do something nice for someone today — even if it is a thank you, smile, holding the door open … you may be going through a lot but you never know what others are battling.  #payitforward #Movember

Yes or No????

Lately I have been sooo into Podcasts. I find myself reaching for the remote control less often and gravitating more towards my iPad. When you are living abroad, it becomes difficult to keep up with the news events and, of course, daily celebrity news.

Having a degree in Communications with an Emphasis in Media and Tourism along with a few minors, I’ve decided to put my major to the test. Writing is by far my favorite thing to do, but I feel like you really have to know my personality in order to understand my sarcasm and blog pieces. I never take things in life too seriously. My family has been through some health scares and that has helped me realize that life can be short and it is important to embrace adventure.

Every time I think about radio, I will never forget a producer, I once worked for at ABC Sports, saying “he had a face for radio”, therefore he decided to stay behind the scenes. Hilarious. The line stuck with me.

Considering a Podcast? A girlfriend of mine (crazy how we met and how fast we became such close friends – I literally talk to her everyday and legit get concerned for her life if I haven’t heard from her longer than a day) and I are debating on this whole Podcast idea. We both are extremely outgoing and are VERY opinionated. Sarcastic – duh. We can agree to disagree on certain things but that’s what we enjoy most. We are brutally honest and have respect for each other. You always need a girl friend in your life like this – she wont tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

The debate is up… Should we or shouldn’t we? The topics will be broad. Discussing anything from television shows, celebrities, personalities, every day life struggles, being a mom, not being a mom, dating problems, marriage issues, happily ever after vs reality, living abroad, must go vacations… featuring guests. The list goes on but maybe you are starting to get the idea.

Couple Podcasts I am currently enjoying:

  • Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald      (by far my favorite)
  • Brandi Glanville Unfiltered       (She is so drama and I love her drama)
  • Straight Up with Stassi  (pretty annoying she only talks about herself but I still listen)
  • Serial         (for obvious reasons, Season 1 is the tits)
  • Secrets, Crimes, and Audiotape          (not completely sold on this one yet)
  • Anna Faris is Unqualified                (subscribed but yet to listen to one pod)
  • Bitch Sesh       (hilarious)
  • Embedded       (News Stories revisited/elaborated on)
  • Invisibilia        (Psychology and Human behavior)
  • The Young Turks       (Politics)

Lines to Live By

  1. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  2. When entrusted in a secret, keep it.
  3. If you have to fight, punch first and punch hard (scratch that… let them touch you first then punch first and punch hard) 😉
  4. Make goals.
  5. Smile at people – even if they are complete strangers.
  6. If you get the chance, I hope you dance.
  7. If you are going to wear heels, try not to bitch the entire time.
  8. You’re never too old to need your mother. (Unless you’re a guy and in that case run ladies and don’t look back!)
  9. Make the little things count.
  10. There is a fine line between sexy and slutty. Learn it; live by it.
  11. If you are questioning it, it’s probably best to wear your bra.
  12. Your opinion is important.
  13. Don’t be the person that talks shit behind the others back. If you have a problem go straight to the source.
  14. Have your father (or mother… actually whoever) teach you how to change a tire.
  15. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them. Be a kind human.
  16. Ask for advice when you need it.
  17. People like those that shower. Stank ain’t sexy.
  18. Don’t be the talker during a movie. Fuck it – or do. I’m that person.
  19. Open the door for people, especially the elders.
  20. Keep your word.
  21. Be a good listener. I know it’s hard sometimes especially when people rant.
  22. Always be thankful and actually use the words “thank you”.
  23. Don’t lose your cool, anywhere. Try to at least keep it classy until you get home then rage.
  24. If you don’t understand, then ask.
  25. Reputations are built over a lifetime.
  26. Have a good joke in your back pocket.
  27. Always look people in their eyes.
  28. After you have made your point, stop talking.
  29. Give credit.
  30. Don’t make a scene, yet alone cause one.
  31. Take the blame. (But only if you did it or else you will end up like the nephew in “How to Make a Murderer”)
  32. Sympathy is a crutch. Don’t go posting your emotions or sad stories on social media in hunt for attention. People will question your motives.
  33. Never gloat.
  34. Treat yourself – and your loved ones.
  35. Never push someone off a dock… unless it is completely necessary.
  36. You don’t get to choose your own nickname.
  37. It’s never too late for an apology, unless you have nothing to be sorry for in which case suck it up, bite the bullet, and apologize (face to face).
  38. Be mindful.
  39. Live a little. Take a vacation.
  40. Give yourself a culture shock.
  41. All guns are loaded. Don’t be dumb.
  42. Suntans are earned, not bought. Unless it is necessary then spray tan yourself.
  43. There is no “I” in Team… unless you’re a cocky bitch and consider saying “well there is a me”. In which you may deserve the bitch slap someone just handed you (pun intended).
  44. Learn how to drive a manual vehicle.
  45. Trust your first instinct.
  46. Never settle.
  47. Everyone deserves a chance.
  48. Be confident. It’s hot.
  49. Happy wife = Happy life
  50. Don’t be confined by rules. Let your hair down.


A New Day, A New You

It’s been an interesting past couple weeks and with the New Year I truly believe it is important to move on from the past and press for the future.  Staying positive is obviously important (sometimes I struggle with this) but I wanted to share a few things that can help revamp your life…

  • Wake Up (hopefully you have had a good night sleep) – Wash your face with some cold water, brush those teeth, and flick the electronic kettle switch on.
  • Yoga/Pilates/Barre:  Beginning every day with one of these physical activities helps clear your mind and get you prepared for the day ahead.  (Hubs is an avid yoga man and I am a faithful pilates gal).
  • A cup of tea.  Tea is like a way of life for me.  Hot tea in the mornings/Peach Iced Tea throughout the day.
  • Reading.  Lately I have been trying to step up my reading. I needed to take a break after reading about that steamy Christian Grey, Brandy Glanville, and Chelsea Bang Bang. I just finished “The Fourth Agreement” and I am planning on reading “The Fifth Agreement.”  I would highly recommend these books.  “The Soul Searchers Handbook” is also another book I have on the list.
  • Healthy Eating.  You know a little bit about me.  Always in the kitchen cooking.  Rarely go out to eat.  Healthy Healthy Healthy.
  • Music. Classic Rock, Country, and Gangsta Rap will remain my top three.
  • Heres a Tip (helps me):  Brush your hair.  Style it.  My hair makes me happy (sounds shallow, I know) however I don’t need a full face of makeup to help improve my attitude.  All I need is some fresh locks… and an eyebrow.
  • Walks.  Going for a long walk is equivalent to a short run (speaking for myself).  This clears my mind if I had a bad day.  Walk it out girl, walk it out!
  • Go Shopping.  Target is my homegirl.  Walk in, planning on getting one thing… walk out, with a full cart of happiness.  My mother and I always say “Do we need it? Yes or No?  Just fill up the cart.  If you change your mind, you can always return it” (which is something we never do ha).
  • Spend Time with Family.  Whether you are abroad or home either pick up the FaceTime or drive over to the family house.  Family always has positive vibes and laughter.
  • Make a List.  Buy yourself a nice journal and map it out.  I’m a list girl.  I have grocery lists, book lists, show lists, positive quotes, reminders, things to do… (this list alone can take up pages).
  • Take an Online Course.  In whatever it is you are interested in.  I have gone to school ever since I was young.  A couple college degrees later followed by some minors and I am already thinking about what classes interest me for the future.
  • Listen to a Podcast. “Serial” Season 1.  No need for me to say more.
  • Lock in a Gym Membership.  When you have to pay for something, it can also be self motivating to get your moneys worth.
  • Pick a charity and get involved!
  • Do things that make you happy.

(The Daily)