Brief Catch up and Inspiration

Finally sharing why I’ve been MIA for 6 months (pretty obvious right – as my website looks dated af). Well the secrets out… I am pregnant. I will be 8 months pregnant in a little over a week (which can be a whole other story considering my due date keeps getting moved around so much). I have been trying to pull everything together that we would need in order to become awesome parents.

A few girls reached out recently and asked if I would do a post about winter fashion wear. Now, I will start off by saying, I by no means am a stylist nor do I think I hold any fashion sense whatsoever, but thank you for thinking of me.

Growing up in Southern California, I had never “really” experienced seasons (except for the occasional trips my family would take us to all over the states). Now that I have lived abroad for close to 6 years, I can honestly say fall is one of my favorite seasons! The leaves changing colors, the hot beverages, the warm scented candles (Yankee to be exact, y’all know my strong addiction for the YankeeCo.), as well as the clothing aka over the knee boots and oversized sweaters (never leaving my leather jackets behind).

I tried to find a few photos that inspired me for the upcoming seasons (Fall and Winter) and listed them below. Hopefully they help inspire you!



Sex It Up…

Don’t be boring…. If you’re bored make a change. Here are some tips on how to be sexier:

  • A little mascara and a brow always go a long way.
  • Eye Contact. Interact with your eyes. People will notice your confidence.
  • Use your brain. Sexy is not just an outer appearance trait – we’ve all met a gorgeous person without any education/knowledge. Be able to hold a challenging conversation.
  • Use your emotions… without being overly dramatic.
  • Be witty/Humor Counts. Having a sense of humor is sexy.
  • Treat Yourself. Having chipped nails is the biggest pet peeve of mine (you will literally never catch me with chipped nails unless you live with me, in which case you will smell nail polish remover every three to four days).
  • Get a Blow Out. If you haven’t taught yourself already, there are salons everywhere that specialize in blow outs (hint hint: Dry Bar). Clean hair and a fresh blow out make me feel like a new woman.
  • Need I say more… Never tacky, always elegant.
  • Showing more is NOT sexier. Leave something for the imagination. For example, either show off the puppies (aka your boobs) or your legs. Never both unless it’s in the bedroom.
  • Don’t dress like your box shaped. No matter what size you are – show your bod off – meaning get things tailored. I still struggle with this sometimes.
  • I’ve said it once before and I refuse to repeat my reasoning.
  • Get rid of the insecurities. Even if that means “friends”… Also note to self that life is not a runway and we are not Victoria Secret models.
  • Don’t over pluck those brows. Sperm brows are out. Natural and thick are in (not the uni though – don’t get carried away).
  • Wear Heels. I know they can be a real bitch sometimes but never choose a man over your heels. Heels give you a leg lengthening affect.
  • Be sexual. Use your body language with your man (or a man your interested in). Soft hand touches. You get my purnt.
  • Challenge yourself. Hikes, new workout classes… all of these will build your confidence.
  • Don’t overdue the sweatpants. Change it up every now and then when your home. Cooking in a pair of heels, lingerie, and an apron works like a charm.
  • Nothing over powering. A natural scent will work.
  • Now I know I said we are not VS models but that doesn’t mean you cant use some of their photos for inspiration. (All I meant was do not compare yourself to them).
  • Most people say to wear the color red because it appears to be more attractive to men. I’m not saying this is wrong. I’m just saying…did you see The first episode of The Bachelor this season with Nick?! Six girls wore red and it did nothing for them. I’ve always been sold on a sexy little black dress.
  • Be kind, never phony.
  • A spray tan gets me every time. It gives your skin a healthy glow.
  • Invest in yourself. (Whatever you get out of that, but don’t be afraid to make changes to things you are insecure about just don’t get carried away).
  • Play up your best features!
  • Undo yourself. Salt spray in the hair provides texture. Smudged eyeliner is sexy.
  • Try New Things.
  • Have more sex.

Most importantly: Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin.


Dry Shampoo … Duh

I mean seriously, do I really need to continue… Dry shampoo is such a life saver.  Honestly, it is one of the first purchases I make when get settled into our new homes abroad.  No one likes washing their hair everyday (unless you do, then clearly your better person than me). I have specific favorites for specific reasons.  I’m also not fond of anything that makes the texture of my hair feel dry.  I still need to be able to run my fingers through my locks and have a fresh scent.

A couple of my favorites, in order:

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo (Drugstore, Cheap, and Efficient)
  • Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (Thanks Jen Aniston and your dreamy hair)
  • Pantene Dry Shampoo (Similar to Batiste, Easy to Find, Cheap, and Smells Amaze)
  • Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo (Who doesn’t like Nexxus)
  • John Frieda Luxurious Volume Refresher (Thanks Target)

Truth be told, I always buy the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo in hopes that I will love it and every year (literally, every year) I waste my money ($20) and remember why I hate it so much – dries my scalp out like crazy!

“The Higher the Hair the Closer to God”



Makeup, No Makeup (Looking Fab Without Makeup)

Let’s just face it – Most women are always in a rush and juggling about 8 different tasks a day.  We barely have enough time to put a face on before heading out the door.

To be honest, I used to question a man that would say “you look better without makeup”… and then you finally have the time to get ready for a date night downtown and they can’t take their eyes off of you and smother you with a million compliments.  Which is it?? Are we hotter with makeup or without it??

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you feel more secure when leaving the house with absolutely no makeup:

  • We hear it all the time but your intake of water is extremely important when it comes to achieving that hydrated dewy look we all love so much.  Different types of fruits and veggies contain high antioxidants and are water enriched.  Try diffusing berries into your water to help give it a more flavorful taste.


  • Facials.  Either done so by a professional or at home (for those of us that do not want to splurge  on a facial every 6-8 weeks).  I prefer the microdermabrasion facials or deep hydrating facials infused with oils.  A couple good products on the market are:
    • Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask Facial
    • Lancome Hydra Intense Mask
    • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Sleeping Mask
    • Ole Henriksen Blue Black Berry Enzyme Mask
    • Creme de la Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask (This is a splurge but I really like it therefore I had to let y’all know)


  • Sunscreen is extremely important – protect your skin!  I am guilty of lathering myself in tanning oil and trying to obtain the best tan but a girlfriend has always told me to lather myself in sunscreen because my skin hates the sun!  She also reminds me that vampires are sexy! Face Tan
  • Facial Spray Tan.  I know many people will go back and forth with this one arguing between whether or not you should be putting this shit on your face, but if I am not going to be wearing any makeup and I need a little extra glow – I mix a little tanner in with my daily moisturizer.
  • Daily Moisturizer.  Depending on your skin (Oily, Normal, or Combination) there is a moisturizer out there for your skin and it is important to use to keep that hydrated look going.
  • Sleep.  No one ever likes hearing this one because we just don’t have enough time in our day to catch up on some lengthy zzz’s.
  • Lash Extensions.  Now this is the trend!  Everyone wants lush lashes and not all of usLash Extensions get those naturally so we opt for lash extensions.  It is important to do your research before scheduling an appointment with an esthetician or specialist.  I have seen some jacked up lashes out there and it is just not worth trying to trying to find a deal out there in order to save yourself money.  With these bad boys, you will never want to go back to using mascara ever again.
  • And Finally Brows.  To me your eyebrows frame your entire face and play a huge part in what you look like when you decide not to wear any makeup.  It doesn’t take much time to brush your eyebrows in the morning and throw a little brow pencil in them.  This will help you look awake and ready to concur the day.

If you find your skin needing a little bit more due to those late nights studying, taking care of your child, or working on that overdue assignment your boss keeps nagging you for – throw on some BB or CC cream with lots of SPF.  This will help balance out your skin.  If all else fails, poor yourself a large glass of wine and call it a day!


Quick Get Ready with Me

So decided today was the day that I should actually put a face on and record the Lunette Menstrual Cup video. It is long over due but I have finished my test trial and decided today I will press record. In that process, I decided to film myself putting on my makeup. It is nothing special however I have some upcoming posts on that should be very exciting and interesting. Sorry it has been a while since I last posted but to be honest I’ve been a little busy. Thank you for watching, liking, and subscribing to my channel and website!




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