Putting Life in Perspective…

It’s one of those days… when you throw T-Pain’s Epiphany Album on and reminisce on all the good times you have had in your life.  This specific album takes me way back.  It’s been a long week, you know what “fuck it”, it has been a long month! However, I can’t help but feel extremely blessed to live the life we live.  A lot of times, we (as in everyone) find ourselves counting down the days till the end of the week, forgetting to appreciate all the little things in life that mean so much to us.  Like family, friends, and good health – because at the end of the day that’s all that really matters. Don’t forget to do something nice for someone today — even if it is a thank you, smile, holding the door open … you may be going through a lot but you never know what others are battling.  #payitforward #Movember


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Vent freely. Live fully. Laugh always. Love hopelessly. Choose adventure. Make memories.... and here I am to share mine with you! For more information - check the "About Me" Section

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