Live A Happier and Healthier Life

Do you ever just take the time to stop and think about the life you are living? About your daily routines? Thinking to yourself if you live a positive healthy lifestyle… You have to be brutally honest with yourself and willing to make some changes. Anxiety and depression trigger the formation of bad habits and can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to create happiness in your life, you need to create some healthy routines and allow yourself to laugh (try not to sweat the small stuff). I’ve listed a few bullets below that have helped me create more positivity in my life (and honestly, helped me enjoy the mornings a little more).

Silhouette of Young Woman Doing Yoga

  • Start with a Morning Routine. Learn to love waking up in the morning. Whether you begin the day with morning yoga, pilates, meditation or a shower. Do something that clears you mind like going for a walk or run, and then create your “things to do” list while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Creating a morning routine will help you begin your day with a fresh start.
  • Be Active. Work your muscles. Do something during the day that gets your blood flowing. It is always a struggle to get your ass up and head to the gym or a park/hiking location BUT how good does it feel after. Those that work out tend to live a happier/healthier lifestyle.
  • Be Grateful. Try to look at the cup half full. This is always easier said then done but count your blessings. When you think life is a bitch and you wish you had more… think of those that have less and be appreciative. Rather than always focusing on yourself, focus on others. Remember that negativity only brings negativity. Surround yourself with positivity and that can change your entire viewpoint on life.
  • Revamp your Home. Get rid of all the clutter that can cause stress. Also buy things that make you happy (like frames therefore you can insert photos/memories of a good time). Create a room in your place that you can go to when you want to just have a little “you” time. Sometimes this is your bedroom but if you have a big closet (that is organized) throw a nice rug on the floor where you can lay on your back and relax (be still).
  • Write or Get Artsy. I hate saying “I wish I would have said…” and I love to write. Writing clears my mind and gets rid of any anxiety I may have. Making a journal allows you to document memories, photos, drawings, verbiage that you later may want to reflect upon. I like finding quotes that I can relate to and then writing them down. If you don’t like writing, try painting or drawing.
  • Indugle in food you love. Cooking your own food at home will allow you to create a healthy lifestyle within your body. Feed your soul with things that create energy and positive moods. Let’s be honest, eating chips and dip only fixes the problem temporarily then you feel like crap after. Eating healthy is hard to do at first but when you create a routine for yourself, you eventually find yourself craving healthier choices.
  • Spend Time Outside. Spending time outdoors can reduce anxiety and is linked to a higher self-esteem. Every summer my husband takes me, a few times, camping in the mountains. No cell phone reception, no electronics, no TV’s allows your body to take in the surroundings and live a little. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the nature.
  • Treat Yourself. A massage, a facial, a pedicure… a little you time.
  • Create a bedtime routine. Similar to the mornings, allow yourself time to do some relaxing activities before bed. Try reading a book (not a audiobook, not iBook, not on your kindle – an actual hard covered book). Turn on your humidifier and use some essential oils to help relax your mind. You need to get quality sleep in order to start your morning routine off with a positive attitude.
  • Be Goofy. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. We all have a little wildness inside of us. Be a little more carefree and gone with the wind.
  • Get Some Lovin. Be sexual. Have fun with your significant other. This helps build your emotional and physical intimacy (as well as your relationship).
  • Get over Grudges. Yes we all get mad at someone or something every now and then but you can make yourself a stronger/better person by being able to get over a grudge. It’s a choice between being right or being happy. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if all this shit is worth it and if it is better to just move on.
  • Sing It Out. Sometimes you just need to tune it all out and throw on some music that you can sing to. My mama and I used to sing at the top of our lungs while doing something as simple as cleaning the house. Now I have carried that tradition on in my very own home. (Don’t knock it till you have tried it).
  • Share Your Goals. If you tell people about your goals, especially your loved ones, then they will help you stick to them and reach them.
  • Get Lost. Get out of town and get lost. Go somewhere different that can help you take in life from a different cultural perspective.
  • Find a Hobby. Sign yourself up for that class you have always wanted to take. What are you waiting for??
  • As always, get social. Don’t just lock yourself inside and be solo. Go out with friends or go on dates (if you aren’t married, obviously). Get dressed up (builds your confidence) and hit the town for a night out or a simple night cap (drink that is!)
  • Love and Let Love.





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