Lines to Live By

  1. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  2. When entrusted in a secret, keep it.
  3. If you have to fight, punch first and punch hard (scratch that… let them touch you first then punch first and punch hard) 😉
  4. Make goals.
  5. Smile at people – even if they are complete strangers.
  6. If you get the chance, I hope you dance.
  7. If you are going to wear heels, try not to bitch the entire time.
  8. You’re never too old to need your mother. (Unless you’re a guy and in that case run ladies and don’t look back!)
  9. Make the little things count.
  10. There is a fine line between sexy and slutty. Learn it; live by it.
  11. If you are questioning it, it’s probably best to wear your bra.
  12. Your opinion is important.
  13. Don’t be the person that talks shit behind the others back. If you have a problem go straight to the source.
  14. Have your father (or mother… actually whoever) teach you how to change a tire.
  15. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them. Be a kind human.
  16. Ask for advice when you need it.
  17. People like those that shower. Stank ain’t sexy.
  18. Don’t be the talker during a movie. Fuck it – or do. I’m that person.
  19. Open the door for people, especially the elders.
  20. Keep your word.
  21. Be a good listener. I know it’s hard sometimes especially when people rant.
  22. Always be thankful and actually use the words “thank you”.
  23. Don’t lose your cool, anywhere. Try to at least keep it classy until you get home then rage.
  24. If you don’t understand, then ask.
  25. Reputations are built over a lifetime.
  26. Have a good joke in your back pocket.
  27. Always look people in their eyes.
  28. After you have made your point, stop talking.
  29. Give credit.
  30. Don’t make a scene, yet alone cause one.
  31. Take the blame. (But only if you did it or else you will end up like the nephew in “How to Make a Murderer”)
  32. Sympathy is a crutch. Don’t go posting your emotions or sad stories on social media in hunt for attention. People will question your motives.
  33. Never gloat.
  34. Treat yourself – and your loved ones.
  35. Never push someone off a dock… unless it is completely necessary.
  36. You don’t get to choose your own nickname.
  37. It’s never too late for an apology, unless you have nothing to be sorry for in which case suck it up, bite the bullet, and apologize (face to face).
  38. Be mindful.
  39. Live a little. Take a vacation.
  40. Give yourself a culture shock.
  41. All guns are loaded. Don’t be dumb.
  42. Suntans are earned, not bought. Unless it is necessary then spray tan yourself.
  43. There is no “I” in Team… unless you’re a cocky bitch and consider saying “well there is a me”. In which you may deserve the bitch slap someone just handed you (pun intended).
  44. Learn how to drive a manual vehicle.
  45. Trust your first instinct.
  46. Never settle.
  47. Everyone deserves a chance.
  48. Be confident. It’s hot.
  49. Happy wife = Happy life
  50. Don’t be confined by rules. Let your hair down.



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