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Yesterday, without a doubt, has been one of the coldest winter days I’ve experienced. A hell of a standout. Every summer I pack for the winter season before heading abroad. I live in Los Angeles (born and raised – Hate me for it, go ahead), and every year we move to another country for 9 months – currently Sweden. As I pack for our abroad winter season, I am usually sitting on the floor of my closet in 100-degree (Fahrenheit) weather. As you can understand, it is extremely difficult for me to pack for the upcoming “winter” season.   I always leave warm clothing-wear behind because truth be told, it is difficult to pack for cold weather while my body is drenched of sweat (literally, beads of sweat rolling off my body). The struggle is real y’all.

Under the “Travel” category of my website, I wanted to include a “Tip” section – especially for those traveling to some frigid destinations.

  • A Fleece Jacket – The North Face has an amazing selection!
  • Fleeced Lined leggings – to throw on underneath your pants (yes, layering! Something I try to fight the commitment to but end up eventually giving in)
  • A Giant Hooded Puffer Jacket and Winter Jacket – I combined the two under one bullet but the more jackets the better off
  • Couple Hoodies – to throw on underneath anything
  • Touques/Beanies
  • Tech Friendly Gloves – These come in so handy (pun intended)
  • Scarves
  • Thick Facial Creams – this will become your best friend. Anyone that knows me, knows I am obsessed with my thick facial creams during the winter
  • Facial and Body Oils – Keep that skin hydrated
  • Ear Muffs
  • Boots

Carry-On Items

(If arriving during the winter time/or taking a short winter vacation)

  • Bring those gloves (throw them in your bag)
  • Lotion, Chapstick, and Sample oils – get some from Sephora (read my Sephora post for further information) (pack them with your toiletries – in an easy to grab location)
  • Thick Hydrated Socks – You can find these at Nordstrom, Target, or TJ Maxx
  • Beanie
  • Wear your Coat, Scarf, and Boots on the airplane

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3 thoughts on “Packing // Winter Essentials”

  1. You can always order Patron at the Systembolaget! A bit expensive I guess but in case you’re out of stock 😉

    Stumbled upon your blog. Don’t know much about hockey but if you would like to have a coffee or company you can always send me an e-mail. But you have probably already made tons of friends 😉 I’m just a teacher and a mother of two little boys, living on Hammarö and could always need to work on my English.



  2. Hi Karin!

    You are so sweet! Happy to hear you stumbled across my website – thank you for your comment! We really love Sweden and I’m always trying to immerse myself in the culture and Swedish traditions. Fika is my favorite!! I will have to message you so we can set up a coffee date. Your English seems great! Maybe you can help me with my Swedish 😊 hope you and your family are having a great start to the new year!!


  3. Haha yes, fika is the best part of Sweden! 🙂
    I’m actually an English teacher but the last couple of years I have worked with children with special needs, so I don’t get to use the language as often as I would like.
    Of course, we could have som Swedish lessons, even got som books for beginners 😉
    Looking forward hearing from you and wish you a nice Saturday with loads of snow!


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