A New Day, A New You

It’s been an interesting past couple weeks and with the New Year I truly believe it is important to move on from the past and press for the future.  Staying positive is obviously important (sometimes I struggle with this) but I wanted to share a few things that can help revamp your life…

  • Wake Up (hopefully you have had a good night sleep) – Wash your face with some cold water, brush those teeth, and flick the electronic kettle switch on.
  • Yoga/Pilates/Barre:  Beginning every day with one of these physical activities helps clear your mind and get you prepared for the day ahead.  (Hubs is an avid yoga man and I am a faithful pilates gal).
  • A cup of tea.  Tea is like a way of life for me.  Hot tea in the mornings/Peach Iced Tea throughout the day.
  • Reading.  Lately I have been trying to step up my reading. I needed to take a break after reading about that steamy Christian Grey, Brandy Glanville, and Chelsea Bang Bang. I just finished “The Fourth Agreement” and I am planning on reading “The Fifth Agreement.”  I would highly recommend these books.  “The Soul Searchers Handbook” is also another book I have on the list.
  • Healthy Eating.  You know a little bit about me.  Always in the kitchen cooking.  Rarely go out to eat.  Healthy Healthy Healthy.
  • Music. Classic Rock, Country, and Gangsta Rap will remain my top three.
  • Heres a Tip (helps me):  Brush your hair.  Style it.  My hair makes me happy (sounds shallow, I know) however I don’t need a full face of makeup to help improve my attitude.  All I need is some fresh locks… and an eyebrow.
  • Walks.  Going for a long walk is equivalent to a short run (speaking for myself).  This clears my mind if I had a bad day.  Walk it out girl, walk it out!
  • Go Shopping.  Target is my homegirl.  Walk in, planning on getting one thing… walk out, with a full cart of happiness.  My mother and I always say “Do we need it? Yes or No?  Just fill up the cart.  If you change your mind, you can always return it” (which is something we never do ha).
  • Spend Time with Family.  Whether you are abroad or home either pick up the FaceTime or drive over to the family house.  Family always has positive vibes and laughter.
  • Make a List.  Buy yourself a nice journal and map it out.  I’m a list girl.  I have grocery lists, book lists, show lists, positive quotes, reminders, things to do… (this list alone can take up pages).
  • Take an Online Course.  In whatever it is you are interested in.  I have gone to school ever since I was young.  A couple college degrees later followed by some minors and I am already thinking about what classes interest me for the future.
  • Listen to a Podcast. “Serial” Season 1.  No need for me to say more.
  • Lock in a Gym Membership.  When you have to pay for something, it can also be self motivating to get your moneys worth.
  • Pick a charity and get involved!
  • Do things that make you happy.

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