Cyber Monday Madness

Black Friday is over however Cyber Monday is just about here and if you are like me, you already have about three or more separate online carts filled up and ready to press purchase.  I find having everything I want already in my cart helps prevent me from panicking and spending all day online trying to find the best deals.  Lets be real, no one likes to spend all day staring at their computer screen.  My favorite place to shop:  Amazon!! I love me some Amazon!  Sometimes I even question if I’m truly getting a deal but in the moment my only concern is to literally “fill up the cart!”  I’m about that life.  Since we are currently living in Sweden and I find a lot of the deals back home… I ship everything back home, obviously.  It’s like Christmas for my hubs and myself when we move back home!

Some Amazon Steals:

  • The Amazon Echo (Speaker) – What a beauty. She is like having an iPhone Speaker and she’s for a good steal right now.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick – If you are living and import life and haven’t bought a jailbroken Apple TV 2 then this is the next best option because these little babies can be jailbroken as well.
  • Bose and Beats Headphones – We prefer Bose.
  • Cameras – What a steal. Put it in my cart.

As I am searching for more deals, my cart keeps adding up with the most random things ever!

Just thought I would let you know what my current daily consists of…So here I am sitting on the computer, loading up the cart while my man plays “Sweet Home Alabama” on his guitar… Couldn’t ask for a better day off.


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