Sephora Shopping Hacks


Alright… I am currently trying to upload a video to YouTube (My Current Fall/Winter Favorites) BUT the video is taking a million years to upload. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some beauty advice while shopping. If you are a Sephora fan, like myself, and spend thousands of dollars there (guilty… So guilty I am a VIB Rouge member and they offer different specials to me since I told them I am living abroad) then you are going to love this. A friend shared with me some helpful tips when shopping at Sephora and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Often times, it is better to make your purchases online ( because you are able to include samples. I know there are three samples to choose from however if you bookmark the Sephora Weekly promotions page, you are able to select an additional free sample with the coupon code provided.
  • Purchasing a discounted gift card and reloading it with money … you can buy a discounted JCPenny gift card at 20% off and as many of you already know, Sephora stores have opened inside of JCP (so you can also purchase through the JCP website and get free shipping). When you reload the card you will be able to keep your 20% off purchases and this includes Sephora purchases as well!! (Wahoo 20% off year round!)
  • Following Fan Fridays on FB can get you free things!
  • Free Samples! Products can be so expensive and you hate to pull the trigger on an item you may not like because you have never tried it. Just ask for a sample!
  • Upload you Sephora receipts to IBOTTA and get paid $5 back on your next $50 purchase.
  • Sign up to be a Sephora member. On your birthday you get a free beauty insider gift. It is free to sign up – each purchase, you will receive points that you can use for larger samples.
  • Your points never expire!
  • No purchase is needed to use your points when you are in the store, therefore you can walk into Sephora and use your points for a free purchase.
  • When you become a VIB Rouge member, like myself, you get free two day shipping on all orders for the year and unlimited access to free makeovers in the store as well as your wedding makeup!)
  • The return policy is fabulous. If a product doesn’t work out for you, you can always return it or exchange it for the right color.
  • Annual Sales in April & November! This means 20% off your entire cart! (April 10%-15% off and November 15%-20% off).
  • There are always hidden sales in the store and they can definitely save you!
  • Some of the value sets are the best steals!
  • NEVER purchase items from the register line. Most of the time you are paying more for less product! Remember NEVER buy the travel size items!!
  • Focus on the price for ounce! I mean who cares if you are standing in the store for hours trying to figure it out – save yourself some money girl!
  • Exclusive makeup palettes are sold within the store therefore you can try different items in a palette for a cheaper price.
  • If you cannot find the item you are looking for in the store, Sephora will kindly order it for you and have it shipped for free.
  • Sephora also offers different complimentary makeup services in store.
  • Hey if you need a job, apply for one at Sephora and get 40% off their brand and 20% off everything else


Like I said, a girlfriend shared this with me and I wanted to share this with y’all!


(Still waiting on that video to upload…)


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