OB/GYN Appointment Gone Wrong!

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you are just rushing around trying your best to tackle the list of things you have written down for the week?

Having children is an absolute blessing. I mean they truly are the foundation to a family, but often times that means no longer being able to do things for yourself. No random manicure/pedicure walk-ins, no time for massages or day spa activities, hell you barely have time to comb your hair BUT this is love. You actually have those two little rascals that make a mess but have showed you the true meaning of unconditional love (seriously it is worth it) and you would drop anything in the world for them without even thinking about it.

Get this… It has been a busy week. Trying to drop the kids off at school (on time that is), going to the grocery store (because Lord knows when your husband gets home from work he will be hungry and I want to avoid that “Hangry” phase), clean the house, pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy, and OH wait, I finally have an hour open this week to fit in that long over due pap smear my OB/GYN has been non stop calling me about. So fine, it is Monday and I scheduled the appointment for Tuesday – we are good!

As I am driving the kids to school, my phone rings (yes, hands free of course!! Precious cargo in the car!)… I answer. “Dr. Peterson’s office calling in regards to your appointment we have scheduled for tomorrow morning… Turns out we have an opening for today in about 30 minutes and are calling to see if you would like to come in?” My response (thinking, thinking, thinking) “Yes sure I would love to move my appointment to today … I will be there in 30, thank you.” I am dropping the kids off at school right now and I can head straight to the doctors office from here – saves me from having to come in tomorrow and I am sure my husband will be ok with fast food for dinner (right?? Who cares this is my time and I can’t face calling the OB/GYN office to reschedule this appointment again for the fourth time).

Just dropped the kids off and I am on my way to the doctors. Thinking to myself, I should probably clean up a little bit, I mean, I did take my shower last night and I do have to sit in an uncomfortable position with my legs spread flying V.gynecology-stirrups

I checked the center console of my car, PERFECT I found some wet wipes. I can just wipe it up and head in. Which is exactly what I did. I place my legs into those cold metal shackles and spread for Dr. P. “You really spruced up today” he murmured. Thinking to myself, “Now what the hell does that mean?” “Did he really just say that??” I ignored it, I mean after two kids that has to be a compliment right?? I will take it. Finished up my appointment and was back on the road trying to master my errands.

Time flies when you’re busy and before I knew it, I had to pick the kids up from school. We pull into our driveway and my son immediately jumps out and runs inside while my daughter searches through the car franticly looking for something. “Honey can I help you look for something?” I asked. She said, “Have you seen my wipes? I can’t find them anywhere?”   I handed her the bag of hand wipes. As she opens it up looking for a specific wipe, she said, “Mama I had a wipe in here with my glitter in it and it’s not in here anymore.” ‘SHIT” I thought to myself as I sprint into the house straight to my bathroom, grabbing a mirror on the way. And there it was, as I pulled my pants down and look at my newly inspected vagina — full of gold glitter!

It all made sense. I stopped thinking about Dr. P’s comment earlier that day. Got to love kids.




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