What Women Really Mean….

We have all used the phrase “It’s Fine” from time to time… or fifty times.. but let’s be honest. Men, WE are not fine and if you hear “It’s fine” coming from our mouth, you better stop what your doing and reevaluate.  Yes women are complicated but don’t act like you don’t like it or else why the hell do you keep coming back.  Secretly, you love it.  It could be as simple as us (women) stating exactly what it is that we want you to do but where is the fun in that.  We like to test men.  We like to see what their minds are thinking and truthfully, if they can make the right decision on their own without us having to tell them every gah. damn. time.  It all comes down to what head they are thinking with (yes I said it)… their big head or their little head.  Things can be as simple as pushing your chair in when you have finished with your morning breakfast or making the choice between staying home with the lady or partying it up with your buddies.  For women, common sense.  For men, extremely tough decision.  Well here I am, not telling men what to do but helping them with “what women really mean” (which we find obvious).


“We need this” —  “We want this… like now”

“It’s your decision” — “You better make the right choice or else it WILL bite you in the ass”

“Do what you want” — “If you do it, you will pay for it later and don’t even bother to “poke” for sex”

“Go ahead” — “I fucking dare you” (also please read the meaning of “Do what you want”

“Im not upset” — “Im fucking pissed!”

“It’s fine” — it is never fine, fix the problem

“I’m not overreacting” — Even if Aunt Flow is in town (that time of the month)

“Your acting crazy” — Hope the walls aren’t thin because the neighbors are about to hear a WHOLE lot

“I’ll be ready in a minute” — Sit down, and find something distracting (no not your cell phone) but whatever you do do not    linger by the doorway because if I forget something do to “rushing” you won’t hear the end of it

“Does this make me look fat” — possible death trap so be sure to say “never” followed by something sweet

The Sigh — I’ve had enough and clearly I am wasting my time and breath

“We need to talk” — you did something wrong, obviously

“Nothing, forget about it” — you better figure out what you did wrong

“Seriously?” or “What?” — this is your opportunity to rethink what you just said and this time get it right

“Who are you talking to (on your phone)?” — Show us because if not, your hiding something

“Just go!” — “Get your ass back over here”

“Do you think she is pretty?” — Yikes.  This can be a dead end.

“Are you sleeping” — Its pillow talk time and I need your ears not P in the V

“He’s a man” — meaning he takes control and knows how to answer all the above, properly!

oh and never tell your lady to “shhhh” or “calm down” — shit will get real. real fucking crazy.

If your reading this, I hope this helps but lets keep it 100, we will always be one step ahead of you guys so in an argument you will lose!  Thanks for trying.




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