Our Trip to London, England

Every year we take a couple trips, while Justin is in season… Unfortunately we were unable to return home to Los Angeles for my brother’s graduation in becoming a Firefighter for Los Angeles County Fire Department.  We were able to watch the entire graduation via FaceTime, thanks to our family.  We couldn’t be more proud of him and all his accomplishments!

This year for Christmas we had decided to plan a trip to London, England.  Not knowing what to expect, except for the amazing airport shopping, we ended up loving everything London had to offer.  We were fortunate enough to experience the rave about Winter Wonderland and the food markets (like Borough Markets, Canterbury, Chinatown…etc.).  The food, the people, the drinks, the entire London vibe was amazing and unforgettable.  As you know Justin and I are both major foodies – we watch a show called “Fuck Thats Delicious” and we try to go to all the places Action B eats!  Check it out on youtube!  We can’t wait to come back to this beautiful location.

Tortilla – Our first Restaurant
(Similar to Chipotle)
Trafalgar Square – Near Our Hotel
Trafalgar Square
Beautiful Water fountain
Some Bars
Double Deckers!
Bridge to Cross the Water
The London Eye
Big Ben from our Hotel
London Eye and Big Ben at Night
Smog Nights
Sherlock Holmes Bar
Tasty Treats
More Treats
Pretty Cakes
Restaurant for Treats
Outside our luxurious hotel “The Grand”
Hey girl Hey!
Big Ben!
London Eye


Getting Closer to Ben
He is a beauty
Not our child
Bens a Big Boy
Big Timers in the back of the car (tinted windows)

The Guards

Cheers to Baileys Coffee (the favorite)
My Babe
Drink Drink Drink
On our way to Borough Market
Made it!

Borough Market
Borough Market
Hobbs @Borough Market
Suacy Susies 🙂
Hobbs Pulled Pork Sandy
Borough Markets
Roast Hog!
City of Westminster, London
Christmas Tree
The famous “Noodle House”
Winter Wonderland Entrance
One of the largest Christmas Markets
Christmas Tree and Booze at Wonderland
Mulled Cider and Beer
Live Music all over Winter Wonderland
How far we are from home LALAland
Very Cool!

Blinged out Benz
I had to touch it!
My favorite – feathers!
Beautiful lights
Downtown near Nespresso!
We thought this was the London Bridge at first – we were wrong ha!
This is The London Bridge (and other was moved to our other hometown Lake Havasu, AZ)
Walking on the London Bridge
Poppies – Award winning “Best Fish and Chips)
China Town
China Town
Eating at the Famous “Kowloon” – Pork Buns!! Amazing!!
Our first dumpling eaten properly!
Where we ate the Dumplings
Portable DJ
Pretty Lanterns in the Trees (Westminster)
Thank you for reading!!

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