From Early Teens to Mid Twenties (The Struggles Are Real)

It’s 10pm on a Saturday night and your ass is sitting in front of a television watching reruns of Sex in The City while stuffing your face with chips, dip, and whatever else you can get your hands on without having to leave the house.  Did I mention wine (Lord knows life would suck without it).

We have gone from the underage drinking of whatever the hell you can get your hands on because lets face it, we are desperate and looking for a good time with our friends (It was the cool thing to do, and oh wait “everyone does it”).  From the late night house parties to the legal age of getting into a bar (21, I mean unless you know someone and can work that tight dress and 5 inch heels) – Do I miss those days, NO but I am happy I can say, “been there done that.”  HOWEVER, I do miss the hangover recovery time.  All the late nights spent partying and drinking like a fish BUT being able to wake up the next day and be productive just to do the same damn thing all over again later that night with your girlfriends.  (Gosh damn those early twenties! Used to be able to go out with my honey and take a shot of tequila together at each bar we would walk into – on a serious pub crawl)  It literally takes 3 days to recover from one wild night out, THREE fucking days, gallons of water, and a bottle of Advil not to mention a shit load of fast food because there is no way in hell you are cooking and cleaning up after yourselves.

I was fortunate to have been raised by an extremely close family with strong values and love (let’s not forget tough love – when it came to missing your curfew and showing up to the house late at night while trying to sneak in without waking anyone up, but finding your father standing in the front yard waiting for you while your friends get to experience a live show of your punishment – a 6’4 man standing there in his underwear taking your keys and cell phone away from you, pretty embarrassing…. it was well deserved and growing up helped me understand this situation clearly but man alive best believe we will be doing the same damn thing to our kids).  Or how about throwing house parties while your parents are out of town and trying to play it off like you were sick and sleeping when they called at 3am telling you to “shut it down, the neighbors are pissed” or maybe even “getting away” with having the house party until your parents are barbecuing in their backyard and find a missing camera chip with all the pictures of your themed party and put the damn chip in their 82 inch television screen. My brother was a smart kid – definitely learned from my mistakes and made sure to never make them realizing that kickbacks with parental permission was WAYYYY better than a party.  I have to give it to my parents, they are the best and everyone does love them including us… most people love them more than they love us.  They really are best friends that have raised our family together with an abundance of love and motivation…  they are an inspiration to our relationship.
PS I was a good kid – played sports and had good grades – graduated college… I just have some wild stories with my girlfriends, family and husband. Who doesn’t!

Mid Twenties have never felt so good, I had a hard time accepting the actual number 26 but the married life is way better than the single and ready to mingle night life with your girlfriends.  Those three day hangovers, laying in bed all day watching marathons with your best friend (my husband, duh!) has never felt better.  We have been blessed to have such a close family and great group of friends.  It is nice to play catch up with everyone and hear that they are getting married or having babies or celebrating birthdays.  We have gone from Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays to backyard barbecues, camping and dinners (with drinks of course! – Your never too old for that).  Honestly, it is hard enough trying to schedule a manicure and pedicure as a day date with one of your girlfriends. Through sickness and health, you realize the importance of life. You realize not to stress the small things or deal with drama, life is just too fucking short and frankly family and friends come first.  The best part about growing up is starting a family of your own and combining your family with your loved ones family.  I look forward to our future but I can’t help and laugh at some of the good times in the past.


I have never loved mid twenties more and will practice accepting my future late twenties 😉



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