Things to know about LALALand (Los Angeles)…

So I spend most of my time sharing my experiences about different countries and cities we lived in and have traveled to, but I have yet to give you some information about the city/state I was born and raised in.  For those of you interested in knowing more about Los Angeles (also I will touch on some parts of Orange County since I spent a lot of time growing up here too) and Southern California (whether you are moving there or traveling there for Holiday) I hope this helps!

Los Angeles County

– If you love traffic, my god we are professionals at sitting in it – the average driver spends 59 hours sitting in traffic.  Make sure you have some good music on your iPod!

– After doing much research, turns out the “Shirley Temple” soda pop we grew up loving – it was invented in LALA.

-We have nearly 7,000 people per square mile (beating New York at 5,319)

– If you are coming to spend vaca in our lovely county, be sure to rent a vehicle because there is no way in hell you could walk or ride a bike from point A to point B, unless you are Lance Armstrong (and I know his ass doesn’t only commute via bicycle). PS AVOID the freeways from 4pm-7pm (traffic is butthole).

– Santa Monica (Beach City), is home to the notorious Great Wall mural and it happens to be one of the longest murals in the world.  (Pretty cool and much talent – check it out).

– We have banned plastic bags in Los Angeles (so be sure to carry your own grocery bag – some cities charge 10 cents per bag).

– The “Hollywood” sign was installed in 1923 and originally was called “Hollywoodland”… There is an amazing hike (Runyon Canyon) you can do that takes you close enough to have a cool selfie moment but don’t plan on standing next to the sign – it has been blocked off due to vandalization and people tampering with the lettering.

– Our shortest street is called Powers Place and is 13 feet long.

– I was about to take a promotion with LA County and work for the Coroner’s Office (but didn’t because my department found out and promoted me therefore I had no needs to leave) – the Coroner’s Office has a gift shop inside where you can purchase all kinds of different goodies.

– There are 135 different languages spoken in LA and we have the largest Thai population anywhere outside of Thailand.

– The Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,518 celebrity stars.  (This is a must see when visiting LA – it is a high tourist location and where you can find Star Maps and Star Tours to show you different celebrity homes and celebrity sightings – tourists love this!)

– GQ magazine considers Downtown LA the next great American city.

– Yes Compton is a city and it does have a high crime rate

– Beverly Hills is a beautiful city and extremely expensive but no we do not all live here

– Yes we are obsessed with our freeways and it is always confusing at first to those that visit and or first move here but hang in there you will eventually figure it out and it will come as common knowledge as time passes.  (My husband still struggles with the different freeway numbers and he has lived in LA with me for 4 years now). “Take the 57 to the 5 to the 55 and the freeway ends in Newport Beach”

– If you visit Southern California, GO TO IN N OUT BURGERS! It will be the best burger you have ever had and be sure to look up the secret menu before ordering so you can get the right order.  (My favorite Double Double with Animal Style Fries!).  We always hit up In N Out when flying back home to LA and when heading back to Sweden or wherever ha (no matter what time – closes at 2am).

– We are known for having earthquakes and yes they are scary (we had a huge one last summer and it tore through our home breaking glass and damaging the walls and granite floors).

– Your area code (for your phone number) will be an issue.  People judge each other on if you have a 818, 909, 626, 213, 323 (it is all fun and games).

– Be sure to visit The Viper Room (bar and live music, owned by Johnny Depp), also The Roxy, The Key Room, and The Whisky A Go Go (check out the wall for signings of historic rockstars).

– Looking for a place to eat (besides the must have In N Out Burger):

  • Felipe’s Deli (Located in China Town – Dowtown LA) – This place makes the BEST French   Dip Sandwiches and it is a MUST that you eat them with the mustard served on the tables (it can be spicy and definitely opens the palette so use in moderation).  This place is CASH only but does have ATMs located inside.
  • Lupes – This is a hidden mexican food location (my parents would always take us to this place so we practically grew up here).  Not the safest of areas (located in East LA) so do not go alone and also CASH only.  There used to be a mean lady who would take your order so you had to make sure you were ready and knew how to order your food, unfortunately she (Lupe) passed a couple years ago from cancer and now her son runs the place (he is so kind but her attitude was known by many and will always be missed). SOOO good! Make sure you ask for the red hot homemade chili!
  • The Pantry: best breakfast spot and open 24/7… it is a must! Located near the Staple Center.  Everything is good especially the Sourdough toast!
  • Urth Cafe – google it!  So good!

– I dont know what you have seen on television shows and in the movies but it is not all shiny, clean, and glamorous – you do have to be careful where you are (location wise) and who you are with (dont be caught with the wrong crowd) – it’s like what your parents always say “You are who you hang out with.”

– Howl at The Moon (Located at Universal City Walk) – is a trendy little Piano bar that can be really fun with a group of friends (Make sure you have a Designated Driver!).  This spot is also located in Texas and a few other locations..

– Beaches:  We have beaches all down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) but keep in mind they are spread out!  But don’t miss out on spending time at one of our many beaches and beach patios on the water to enjoy some drinks.

– Venice Beach is a fun place filled with crazy people from different types of crowds – don’t be afraid to jump into a Venice Drum Circle (a bunch of hippies drumming in a circle haha).  Venice never judges which is awesome, you can be yourself and no one truly gives a hoot!  Be careful at night if going out in this area – couple weirdos come out!

– Obviously if you are spending holiday in Los Angeles, get a GPS! I don’t think I even need to continue explaining the importance of this!

– If you get the chance to pack up a blanket and box wine, you can find film screenings throughout the city and beaches.

– The Grove is an outdoor mall that people love to visit (personally, it is a bit too chaotic for me but I know many tourists love to do their shopping while in the states and this is a great location to do so).

– Rent a surf board, and you can practically surf anytime of the year (except for the day after rain because the water can be dirty).

– The city glows at night and is such a beautiful view from a distance.

– Live music!  One of the biggest reasons I love my city.  You can always find live music no matter what day it is and there is so much talent (It’s amazing).

– We also have many exhibits to visit.  For example, LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) – holds the largest rocker boulder (this passed through our backyard while making its way to the museum – pretty cool to see all the streets shut down and watch it makes it way).

– Nail Spas – they are located on every corner (make sure you pick a sanitary one) but the manicures and pedicures are priced well. You can sit back and enjoy a little you time while getting dolled up.

– The Farmer’s Markets – they are located all over and they support our locals.  They have a big one downtown (not sure the exact date) as well as an art night (one night of the week also downtown).  These are really cool to check out!

There are so many reasons why I love my city and I hope that some of these things will help you get a good idea on the many things LA has to offer.  If you have any questions, about Los Angeles or want to know some more information please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer…

LA at Night

Los Angeles Dodger Stadium and Dowtown

Downtown at Sunset


Some of our LA Teams (Not including The Ducks and Angels)

Walk of Fame

Our Freeways

Santa Monica Pier – Beach 

Venice Beach

Getting ready to go to Viper Room

Runyon Canyon View 

Runyon Canyon (Hollywood Sign Hike)

Leaving the Baseball Game


Mama, Dad and Justin at Disneyland


House of Blues – Jeremiah Red (Our friends Band)

Where we spend most of our time with family and friends – in our Backyard

Our Backyard

Bombfire in our Backyard

Selfies in Traffic with Justin and Brother

Visit the Zoo in LA and or San Diego

Kings Row Pub in Pasadena

Sunset in our Backyard

Sunset in Our Backyard

Another Sunset shot from our backyard

Johnny’s Pub in Huntington Beach

Justin’s Blisters after Runyon Canyon Hike with NO socks

Coyotes are on the Hike so watch your pups

You can go camping in the mountains (Big Bear) about an hour away from home
Toby Keith Bar

Live Band at Toby Keith Bar
Hike in Big Bear

Night out in Orange County (College City – Fullerton)

Americaaaa! Attending Department Event with Family


Me Wake-boarding 

Hookah Bar 

Sunday Brunch In Newport Beach

Beer with Brother at the Beach Pub

“Henrys” at the San Diego Zoo

Bowling! (Tons of locations)


Outdoor Live Concerts with some girlfriends

This was Justin’s means for transportation to avoid Traffic

The Largest Boulder being moved to LACMA (I have a video of it literally passing through the street below our backyard but it was too large to upload and share with y’all) 

I just cant resist that Stache

Spending time by the pool in our backyard

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach

The Angels in Orange County

Having a beer at Sharky’s in Newport Beach

Yeah we ride!

We have beautiful beaches

Huntington Beach Pier

Eating dinner Downtown

Can’t get over our Sunsets

Margaritas at a Tequila Bar in Long Beach on the Pier

Taking pictures of rainbows while stuck in Traffic on my way home from work!

Mom and Dad about to head out for a night!

Live Music at Johnny Depp’s Viper Room


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