Race Day in Karlskoga, Sweden

So as you may or may not know… our family consists of a bunch of NASCAR fans (call us rednecks, hillbillies, white trash – it won’t offend us because we are proud fans).  The other day we had the opportunity to venture back to our old stomping grounds (last year) to Karlskoga Raceway for some dinner and racing.

We were able to watch the Tool Cars race (pretty sure thats what they were called) and the Motorcycles – which was pretty awesome!  Last year, we were able to come out to this exact track and Justin raced around in an Aston Martin with Sweden’s famous racing veteran.   
Thought I would share a couple photos taken from the day and some videos of the racing!  Currently in the process of writing a new blog post for this week so stay tuned!

Race Track and Times

Tool Car

Another Shot


Go! Go! Go!

The typical Boot Shot

Jutty and I

Hair gone in the wind


Track Shot

Winter is Coming Yall


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