Yes it is just around the corner!  The month we all shave our faces and begin growing in a healthy stache! That’s right ladies, we may not have staches but we too can be just as involved in Movember!

Movember is an annual event involving the growth of moustaches during the entire month of November in order to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other male cancers.  The Movember Foundation is a global Men’s Health charity committed to “changing the face of men’s health.” I know many of you are aware of the actual challenge that take place amongst our men.  If not, you can proceed with further research using this website .  This foundation encourages men and women (Mo Bros and Mo Sistas) to get involved and aim towards the increase of early cancer detection, diagnosis, and effective treatments therefore the number of preventable deaths can be reduced.  

A little family background…

This organization is near and dear to our heart because my father had testicular cancer and is a two-time cancer survivor.  My dad first discovered he had testicular cancer 4 years ago and underwent a successful surgery removing the tumor from his body.  Finding out our father had cancer was the scariest moment of our immediate families life.  I have to say this incident has brought our family closer together than ever.  My mother was the person we turned to and most importantly my dad’s best friend and rock every step of the way.  Just when we thought we would never have to think about cancer again, last November bad news returned… Our father’s cancer had returned and spread to his lymph nodes.  The thought of that FaceTime phone call still brings tears to my eyes.  Having to sit with my husband, holding each other (while living in Sweden at the time), and looking through a screen at my father, mother, and brother break the news to us was and will always be one of the hardest moments in life (for all of us).  Now, if you know our dad then you know this man is strong (both physically and mentally).  He is always challenging my brother and husband throughout any physical workout to this very day.  After much family discussion (Mom, dad, brother, Justin and myself), my father had chosen to do chemotherapy.  I will not go into a further detail about this time in our lives but I will say our dad is still the strongest man we know and we are so proud to say he has overcome cancer again.  We are forever grateful for all the love, support, and prayers from everyone and I couldn’t be more happy to have my father walk me down the isle this past summer in great health.  

How can you get involved???

We have been participating in The Movember Foundation (held globally) ever since Justin has began playing hockey and took it a step further with his teams/teammates in the states and last year in Sweden.  Long story short, each person can create a personal profile under the website listed above; The personal profile basically becomes a friendly competition of raising money and awareness with other people/teams/countries all over the world HOWEVER at the end of the day the point is to raise money together and bring awareness together (no matter who you are, which team you play for, or whichever country you represent).  The links that the website will provided to you (after creating their personal profile) can be shared through social media and word of mouth in which other people can click on the links and donate whatever amount of money they would like to donate to the charitable cause.

Once you have created your account and your all set up, it is time to grab a shaver and head straight towards a mirror.  Shave off whatever you have and watch that baby grow throughout the entire month of November without any maintenance whatsoever!  I must admit, it is a difficult time for me to see the members in my family without moustaches (because we like our men hairy year round ha!).  It will be weird to see my husband rocking the shaved face at the beginning of the month soooo stay tuned!
Also, don’t forget to take photos of that growing moustache as it goes through its many different phases.

Justin and I have worked together to create his personal profile and a team profile (representing Farjestad BK) each year.  For those of you interested in sharing or donating, please click on either link below:

Justin Pogge:

Team Farjestad BK:

This has just become traditional for us and many other people/athletes… I wanted to give you the option and opportunity to become apart of this good Fun cause as Mo Sistas and Mo Bros J

Knowledge is Key!


Dad with his MO and Mama

His Mo growing back

The Three Amigos (Brother, Husband, Dad) at Nascar duh!


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