Apple Update on My Birthday (September 19)??????

Alright! Where to start…. Let’s begin with my obsession with the iPhone.

Ahhhhh the iPhone, my opinion – one of the best technology inventions ever created.  Yes, I am that person that has their iPhone glued to me the entire day (guilty but admittedly guilty so that makes it better right??).  It’s one of my closest friends, it captures my happy moments, my selfies, my conversations with my family from half way across the world, my travels, oh and my hubby (he is just too darn irresistible).  I am most dependent on my iPhone.  When the 20% battery life remaining pops up on my screen, yes, yes I am about to have a panic attack and I need to find the quickest plug before my life shuts down.  I am not crazy right? We are all like this! (I hope).  

Well every year gets more and more exciting for us Apple people and somewhat depressing when you can’t get your hands on those pre-ordered, sold out everywhere new sexy iPhones, in which case you get super excited about the latest update that is nearly a tap away.  I may or may not be the person that counts down to the actual last second of the update release (I mean we never know when it is really about to come out so when it finally does, it only makes sense to stay up till 2 or 3am to download that son of bitch we are all so hyped about).  I guess I am truly publishing the inner nerd in me.  OK fine YES last year I made my husband stay up past 2am with me to download the new updated software that just so happened to come out on my birthday (best.birthday.present.EVERRRR).  If all goes planned, I hope this birthday turns out like the last one!  

Can I just be honest for a second, who received the email from Apple in regards to the new iPhone and updated software?  I mean, my goodness youtube can not show me enough different videos on what else this software has to update – as if I didn’t have an addiction before!  I have to say Apple has made it extremely easy and comfortable for us to keep in touch with our family back home.  FaceTime has made living abroad that much easier.  I mean, I miss the smell of home and actually clamming onto our family but I think they see more of us when we are living in another country… which may or may not be annoying for them – I am going with may not be annoying because I know they love it!  

Any who, I think I have rambled enough about my slight obsession with Apple.  My MacBook is about to die to I need to switch screens to the iPad.  

September 17th (dad’s birthday)….This article just made me extremely happy: 

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