Skeeter Syndrome!!!

The weather here in Sweden has been so beautiful and warm lately, however with positives comes negatives …. Mosquitos!

Growing up in California, Los Angeles (and Orange County) to be more specific, I haven’t experienced many mosquito bites on this body.  With all the recent hype about the increase of mosquitos carrying West Nile in Southern California, I was almost thankful that we are currently in Sweden.  Turns out my thankfulness bit me right in the ass, and all over my legs, arms, and head!  I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to train with Farjestad Women’s Soccer Team, each player is extremely talented and friendly (did I mention I do not speak a word of Swedish – they are so patient with me).  My first practice happened to be my first experience with Swedish Mosquitos.  These little devils work together in swarms to attack you anywhere they can and HOLY did they ever!  14 mosquito bites and 6 days later AND I am still hurting from these exact bites.  I know, I know… I sound like I am being dramatic and my husband has never heard me complain so much but these bites are not the usual mosquito bites (and I am speaking for myself and myself only because some of the other ladies were bitten and their bites disappeared after a day).  They turned into the size of a baseball and still have yet to shrink (and NO I am not scratching them… all the time).

You know that feeling when you have an itch that needs to be scratched (it just NEEDS it) so you give it a soft touch but you just can’t make it stop (and truthfully you just can not get enough) and then you want to dig your nail into it and make it bleed and this doesn’t work either so you think the next step you are about to take is to literally use a scalpel to slice it open and let it completely drain out…. I have considered this.

I am pretty sure we bought every topical itch cream Sweden has to offer, we tried most home remedies, and I have tried my own cocktail of medication every day in hopes that these monsters disappear.

After much “internet research” (because we all know the internet has more knowledge than an actual doctor lol) Turns out, Skeeter Syndrome! BEST NEWS EVER, not really!  The fever, the swelling, the complaining, it all adds up.  Clearly I haven’t taken all the tests to discover if I actually am diagnosed with the Skeeter… I definitely know I am allergic to these friendly creatures! I am hoping my body will get stronger and build my tolerance for future mosquito bites.  In the meantime, I will not let these blood suckers get the best of me, I have bought some bug spray to wear as my everyday perfume now so I smell extra delicious 😉

Today is a new day, tonight is a new practice, I need some prayers y’all!

Yes I am pasty! I need a spray tan… thanks for noticing and I am on it!

Yesterday!!! Look at the Size of This!!

Hurts like a ….!


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2 thoughts on “Skeeter Syndrome!!!”

  1. I am swedish and i have the same issues with Mosquito bites, or Mygg as we Swedes call them.
    They get huge and itches like crazy because you can help scratching.
    One thing that actually helps the itch in a natural way is to take a large spoon, heat it under hot water and place it on the bite, it stops itching. Cheap and amazing. Enjoy Karlstad and Sweden!


  2. ahhh Magnus thank you!! It is extremely hard not to scratch and sometimes I just cave in haha I am glad I am not the only one in Sweden that has this problem. Thank you for the help, I will for sure try this method out next time I get a bite!


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