Weekend Cabin Trip!

I wanted to share some photos of our weekend get-away to the Cabin in Sweden!  We began our weekend with a trip to Torsby, Sweden in order to go indoor cross country skiing.  Now this was my first time EVER trying out this popular sport and let me tell you, it is EXTREMELY hard mainly because you need to have some hand, arm, leg coordination and lord knows I do not.  This was easily a challenge for me but I can honestly say the husband and I had a great time and laughed so hard.  I believe it is important to be able to laugh at each other but mainly to be able to laugh at yourself.  We definitely ate some snow a few times – which completely explains I was so sore the following day!!

Justin all geared up

Caught in the Moment
The Indoor Ski Tunnels In Torsby, Sweden

After our ski day, we found a local dinner off the side of the highway that we could not pass up and thankfully we didn’t because it was a little taste of home with some country music that we practically karaoked to the entire time while eating.  If you are from California and live in LA County, you may or may not know of this place called Friscos aka skate girls.  This place was very similar however no skates…

We then continued back on the highway and drove to the Ottosson Cabin.  As we arrived to the cabin, I couldn’t help but think back to some cabin trip memories when I was younger.  This place was breathtaking.  It was surrounded by green forest with large trees and a huge lake.  The smell of pine trees gets me every time, I mean can somebody please bottle it up or make the perfect candle because I have yet to find anything that comes close to the actual smell of the open forest pines. This place was relaxing and homey! We are so thankful to the Ottosson family!
For dinner, we enjoyed the company of some close friends and shared a large Swedish and Norwegian crawfish dinner (way different from the cajun spicy style) with many different side dishes. Did I mention I am a HUGE fan of truffle salami!  If you have not tried it before then you need to buckle up and drive down to the local deli and get it in ya!  The following day we took the Giant Quad with a seating trailer out to the forest… where some local neighbors have a couple tiny hidden private cabins in the middle of the forest near some private lakes.  There are cameras recording these private locations at all times so trying to find these hidden gems may not be the best idea unless you have permission to be on these specific locations.  But seriously, it was beautiful and we really enjoyed the fresh air!  We loved everything about this weekend getaway and can not wait to return!

Our Farjestad FBK Bedding (So Thoughtful, Thanks!)

Sitting on Patio (looking out)

Thats me a Wilderness Gal

This is how we Ride

Inside one of the Hidden Cabins

Hidden Cabin

Hidden Cabin

Hidden Cabin

Having Fika at the Hidden Cabin

All dolled up in warm clothes

Cabin we stayed in on the Lake
View From Cabin we stayed at

Another Shot

The Ottosson Family Boats on their property

The Cabin Balcony (Breathtaking)

Another Shot

And Another…

And Another…

Beautiful Day

He Drove Us

Justin and Mathias

View from the Hidden Cabin

Hidden Cabin Lake

Hidden Cabin

Hidden Cabin Lake 

Another Shot

My usual Boot Shot

Taking the time to enjoy special moments like these

These Trees ahhhhhh
Riding in the Forest!

Thank you again for everything Ottosson Family!! xox


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