Getting Lost in Our New City – Karlstad, Sweden

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you some photos of the new city we are living in…  It is definitely a large city with some of the most beautiful bridges, that take you to and from downtown, and is home to the largest, longest river in Sweden.

Boat Rides Through and Around Karlstad

Random Statues in Our City

Heyooo Selfie for the Eyebrow Video 

Beach Day in Karlstad, Sweden (We love our Wine!)

Bridge in the City 

Check out the Clouds (No Filters)

Another Bridge Leaving Downtown

Shot of Karlstad Hotel and Apartments 

Different Angles

New Sign in Our Home (Thanks Ottosson Family)

Live Set In Stockholm, Sweden

View from Set

Another View From Set

And Another View From Set

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Amusement Park In Stockholm

Another Shot

Im Obsessed with taking Photos of my Boots in Different Places

Shrooms in Karlstad 

More Shrooms (Not sure if edible)

Karlstad, Sweden


You can run in the Forests

They Close the Bridge to Raise the Water therefore the Boat can Move 

Different Angle

Girls Night with Some Farjestad FBK ladies!

Different Part of the City in Karlstad (so many different parts of town)

Karlstad Sweden

The Part of the City Justin and I would like to Live in (Our Style)

Karlstad, Sweden

Me Blogging (Exhausted!! Painted the house and redesigned Furniture)

Laying out at the Lake in Karlstad

Always in a Car taking selfies!

When I am bored… I try new things! (Before)

After…. (This took ALOT of work!)

I will be sharing some recipes and more photos of DOWNTOWN Karlstad, Sweden.  As you know, we are foodies and there happens to be some amazing spots!


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