Hectic! Wedding Planning

Hey Y’all!

We are back in sunny Southern California and things have been completely non stop for us.  From off a plane to Nascar with the family (camping in our RV and staying in the infield) to tearing the house down and remodeling.  After the earthquakes, we had a couple cracks in the walls and tons of broken glass but we were able to clean in all up and remain on our toes (unsure of when the Big one is to hit).  Earthquakes are extremely scary because unlike storms and tsunamis we are unable to tell when they are going to hit.  We definitely felt this one and the over 100 aftershocks that had followed.

Currently we have both had some amazing career opportunities and look forward to our future adventures as well as our wedding!  Can you believe it? This SOA is finally under 4 months away and we are all still sitting on our computers trying to get the planning finished.  Let me just tell you all – It is extremely nice to have a wedding, similar to the one we are planning, however if we had to do this all over again we would probably have done a destination wedding so make sure you think about it.  We have spent some serious money but in the end we wanted to keep the wedding as intimate as possible (especially after dad’s cancer and chemo).  It is truly a time we hope to remember forever.  I will be honest and admit a ton of stress comes along with weddings and we have definitely experienced ours and I am sure there is more to come.  At the end of the day, you have to remember this moment is a time for you and your future husband to spend together and try to enjoy.

I have some photos to upload of activities we have been doing since we have been back and I also have a new video to post after I edit it 🙂


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