Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is the capital city of a community of Catalonia in Spain.  We quickly learned of this distinction our first night out in the beautiful city.  Catalonians speak Catalan (a language developed from northeastern Spain and adjoining parts of France); This language is used by the natives and is considered a self-defining language.  Catalan is very different from Spanish (a language I was comfortable and familiar with using).  Many would think, when visiting Barcelona, that Spanish will help get you by and it does however Catalonians do not want to use or speak spanish as well as have any affiliation with the language.  “They are their own breed”said the bartender from Fu Bar.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit Barcelona the small hole in the wall tapas bar name “Fu Bar” is an absolute must and definitely order their brown sugar mojitos – the BEST!

Our hotel was located in the central part of the city near the arena that was transformed into the mall and across the street from the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.  This museum was located on a hill with easy access to walk to and around.  You were able to look out from the top points and see all of Barcelona, as well as enjoy yourself some homemade Sangria and Coffee Baileys.  We spent quite some time at this location because the views, art structures, and water fountains were breathtaking!  Bring your camera!!!!

As usual, Justin and I never act as huge tourists on a scavenger hunt when spending time in a new city. We like to walk EVERYWHERE (but do try some transportations) and act like locals (even though we tend to go in circles and find ourselves starving looking for that perfect restaurant that yelp has suggested).  We are absolute foodies and the food in Spain is delicious!  I am part Mexican and love pretty much anything spicy – it tends to never be hot enough for me and people give me that look like “your a white girl, you cant handle this” BUT you are wrong… The hotter the better.  My poor fiance has had to adapt to this lifestyle and I have to say at times he truly impresses me with his salsa intake.  The best restaurant we had tried in Barcelona (HANDS DOWN) was called “Rosa del Raval.”  We found this little hot spot in a location that appeared to look like you were walking around the small streets of Venice.  Let me just say, the city of Barcelona has wi-fi locations all around therefore you are never in search for a restaurant that has wi-fi because you are lost and cannot find out where the hell you are.  This came in handy when searching for this gem of a restaurant!  This place was so good we ate here twice for dinner back to back nights!  Ask for their hottest salsa – it is up there in heat but so unbelievable good (my mouth is watering as I type).

Just a side note – Spain is notorious for their tapas and they never cease to amaze!

We spent 5 days and 4 nights in this city and by the 3rd day our knees, hips, and feet were dead.  We contacted some hockey friends that had visited Barcelona a couple weeks prior and they were able to point us into the direction of a place where they had rented scooters.  This is another must!  We were able to rent the scooter for the entire day and I don’t think we missed one major location.  If you plan on visiting Barcelona, rent a scooter!  We are used to riding motorcycles and had a blast on the scooter.  Just be sure you are going the right way on the road.  Justin went the wrong way down a bus lane and we were pulled over by walking cops who warned us of the signs and amount we would have to pay if this happened again (200 euros).  I could not stop laughing because the main reason we accidentally went down the wrong way was because we were on the hunt to find a gas station (we were on the verge of running out of gas and close to pushing the beast).  Gas stations are very few and far between in downtown Barcelona.  We were able to drive up the tallest mountain, known as Tibidabo, to have a drink at a cafe, near an amusement park, and sat at what felt like the edge of the earth with views that not even our pictures do justice.  Tibidabo overlooks all of Barcelona, Spain and has spectacular views of the surrounding coastline.

A couple other places we did see on our trip:
–  Barcelona Cathedral
–  Aquarium Barcelona (really fun and a large shark tunnel)
–  Torre Agbar (Skyscraper – we circled around in our scooter)
–  Arc de Triomf
–  The beach (go for a walk near the beach and check out the wharf)
–  Other Art museums
–  Placa d’Espanya
–  Gothic Quarter (Kori, a close friend of ours, recommended we visit the Gothic Quarter and thank goodness we did! This place is a must and is the old city of Barcelona.  There are so many different side streets and local shops as well as great food locations)
–  Take the underground metro (found this was extremely efficient and cheap!)

I can go on about the different places of must sees but don’t forget to enjoy yourself in this city.  Don’t make it a constant scavenger hunt in order to find these places.  Do what we do – act like a local, stumble across these breathtaking places, take lots of photos, and eat ALL the food!  Hope you like some of our photos!  Feel free to ask any questions below or message me!!

Me (Checking it out – Photo Credit to my man)

Vacation was taken during Christmas Break


Another Tree 🙂


Street Market Treats

Awesome Tag Art

Near the beach

Where we road the Lions


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7 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain”

  1. Hi Nicole!
    Thank you for reading and writing! Since you guys are fellow foodies like us, you will absolutely love Barcelona! They are known for their tapas (smaller dishes/similar to appetizers); so you are able to order a couple of these and try their popular dishes. It is an absolute MUST to go to “Rosa Del Raval” – we loved this place so much we went twice for dinner. Everything on their menu is to die for and if you guys like spicy, ask for their hot salsa! It is very hard to find, as you will quickly learn every restaurant is like a small hole in the wall so I highly suggest using the wifi to map out the restaurant before leaving your hotel (we spent 2 hours looking for this place the first time and struggled to find it the second but never gave up). We love the app “Yelp” it is free and we usually open this up in every city we visit and search for the top restaurants (Use this app!). I also suggest going to “Brunch & Cake” – the sandwiches and breakfast pictures in my blog are from this place (it is reasonably priced and the food is so good! It gets busy but worth the wait and did I mention it has 4.5 stars!! Although there were many restaurants lined up near the beach, we did not go to any of these – we felt they were similar to Venice (just the touristy restaurants that are overpriced and not that good). We like to live like the people that live in the cities when we travel and have learned this is the best way. The best advice I can give you is – do not judge the restaurants by the appearance, DOWNLOAD the app Yelp! (use it, it is the Best), split a jar of sangria (alcoholic beverage; they are known for it), get lost in the city, and definitely rent one scooter for the day and go everywhere (including the top of the mountain where the amusement park is located). This was the best form of transportation for us. I hope this helps and please feel free to ask anymore questions if you have. I hope you enjoy your trip and safe travels!


  2. Thanks so much for all the awesome info!! Will definitely have to try out your recommendations, love love love Mexican as well so I guess this is the place for it! Will check it out. Can't wait for a diet consisting of nothing but fruit and wine all week long, mmmmm! One other question, how did you find Barcelona in terms of safety? Compared to anywhere Scandinavian..super safe..I know it is a much bigger city, what did you think?


  3. Of course! Yes if you love Mexican, you will love this place – I am part Mexican and found the food to be somewhat similar to traditional. It is definitely a bigger city but seemed pretty safe. I mean we walked everywhere at night and as usual you will run into your occasional weirdos but nothing too sketchy mainly drunk teens. Anytime you are in a different city, you have to always be aware of your surroundings and I find it different from Scandinavia but in a refreshing way.


  4. Hey Christina! Just returned from Barcelona. Wanted to thank you again so very much for your recommendations they were really helpful! We did check out Rosa des Raval (twice!) and Brunch & Cake – omg, both, amazing. I am now finding myself waking up in a cold sweat craving that hot sauce. Food choices were a little bit overwhelming over there so it was very nice to have some suggestions to help narrow it down. Hope y'all are doing well in playoffs, lycka till! -Nicole (@colz878 on insta)


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