Been Gone For A While But Now I Am Back (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)

Everything has been a little hectic in the household as we are dealing with some family things and finals are coming to an end (1 week left and I have obtained another degree!).  A lot has been going on in Sweden as things begin to change toward the winter season.  We recently had family in town and did some traveling from Stockholm, Sweden to Karlskoga to Orbero and then to Copenhagen, Denmark for a couple days, and then off to Gothenburg and finally to Oslo, Norway and back to good ol Sweden.  This was all done in a matter of two weeks which is crazy, awesome, and extremely expensive!  OH and I forgot to mention – we took a road trip and drove to all of these amazing places!  Life on the road is how my family has spent most of our lives!

Some pictures are listed below of places we visited:

Playing Guards in Denmark

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway


Justin and I

Family – Missing My Brother

Dont Mess with My Man

Mama and I

Dad, Mama, and I at Justin and My Casa

Justin Bought Mama and I flowers in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Beer in Denmark

Family – Justin playing with a gun

Mom and Dad

Mama and I

The Guys

Blues Bar in Copenhagen

Blues Bar

Blues Bar Band

Cal Getting Down

Times Two! In Christiania, Denmark

Some Art in Christiania

Me Checking out “Wonderland”


Walking in Denmark

Denmark Beauty

Denmark Art

Housing in Denmark

More Housing

Pretty Homes in Denmark

Skate Park in Christiania Denmark (No Photos Allowed)

Christiania “No Photos Allowed Inside”

Denmark Castle

Justin’s Pregame Skate 

Stockholm, Sweden

Changing of the Guards in Stockholm Sweden Castle

Crown Me!

Changing of the Guards

Changing of the Guards

Cal and Dad with the Guard

The Guard and I

Mama, myself and the Guard

Orebro, Sweden – Castle

Dad in Orebro, Sweden – Castle

Coffee Break at my favorite Espresso in Orebro


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