Meeting New People — Fall/Winter in Sweden

Today Justin and I were given the opportunity to visit the high school in Karlskoga and have a Q&A with some of the students learning English.  We were a little nervous at first walking into a room filled with students and unfamiliar faces, however everyone was extremely friendly and asked great questions.  Being able to sit down with the students and answer their questions as well as ask our owns was a learning experience for all of us.  They were able to ask questions about Justin’s life and about my life.  The one question I will never forget – “What are the pros and cons to dating a hockey player?” haha I could have written him a novel but instead I kept it short and simple.  Being able to communicate with all the girls in the class while having fika was my favorite part.  I enjoyed hearing from all the beautiful and intelligent women that were born and raised in Sweden and were all around the same age as myself.  They were able to share some helpful insights about Sweden as well as some amazing recipes that I look forward to cooking with them.  Overall, we were extremely honored to share the morning with the teacher and class and would love to do it again.  Thanks for having us! 

Yellow Leafs 
Beautiful Trees

As I am blogging…

Thought I would throw it up while on my walk 😉

Yellow Tree

Shades of Color

Leafs all Around

Red Glow and Leaves Falling

More Colors 


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