Paris, France

The city of love…

The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the museums, the restaurants, the cafe’s, the shopping, and the love…
I couldn’t post all my pictures from paris but I posted a few so you can get the idea.  Paris is known for its historical monuments and architecture.  Its as simple as purchasing a train ticket or a flight and the experience lasts a lifetime.  This was a trip I have always dreamed of taking (I literally have a room designed around the Eiffel tower) and it lived up to its high expectations.  We did a lot of walking (make sure to bring those walking shoes) and we ventured off into different parts of the city.  We stumbled across a large crowd dancing and singing as PSY played his hit song Gangnam Style.  The shopping and strips of designer stores are better than any beverly hills strip (Rodeo Drive).  Surprisingly, our first night in town we found a sushi bar that served the best sushi we have ever tasted (I know! We are random for having sushi in Paris but I would do it all over again).  We also ate at a variety of different french restaurants tasting their homemade wines.  You would be taken back by the amount of english spoken in this city – it definitely had to be related to its tourism and tourists.  After spending much time venturing, my fiancé and I decided to hit up the only Canadian bar in Paris – where we spent a couple hours watching hockey, eating wings, and sipping on some Caesars.  If you don’t know what a Caesar is, it is the better version of a bloody! I would say the Trip to Paris was completely sealed after locking up our lock on the love gate.  This is a tradition and I highly recommend visiting the locks of love bridge – make sure to lock it up with someone special or family!

Outside hotel window

Bed in Hotel Room

TV in Hotel Room 
Eiffel Tower for the first time


Add caption

It sparkles at night for 7 min on the hour

Bears under the Eiffel for each Country (The States)

Arc de Triomphe
A shot of me taking a shot of the Eiffel (my dream)

All smiles

A bottle of wine and soup at a small restaurant nearby

Cheese from the lock of love bridge (we locked it up)

Train from Milan to Paris

Creme Brule (Yes please!)

Our Favorite Breaky spot!

Here is what we ate (yummm)

Such a beauty

From the Top of the Eiffel

Different Shot

Different Shot
Different Shot
Final Shot

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