The Golden Arches / Cup of Joe


They are everywhere – back home in Los Angeles they can be found on almost every block and here in Europe they seem to be in almost every city.  I’m not going to deny it – I occasionally visit a McDonalds when I’m itching for a little taste of home. The hamburgers, although nothing compared to In N Out burger, always taste the same from country to country and don’t even get me started on the chicken nuggets.  I die! Europe offers a variety of different sauces that are irresistible (garlic, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chive, sweet chili, chili…etc).  My fiance and I have started a tradition of making it a must to try every McDonalds in every city we live in.  Probably not the best tradition but definitely a tasty one!

Ever get a craving for coffee?  In the states, we are so accustomed to our Starbucks and Coffee Bean – “Grande please!”  Living in Italy last year, we had to get used to coffee no longer being served in to-go cups.  In our house (back in the states) the coffee pot is always going and refilling your cup throughout the entire day has become more than just a habit.  Let me just say, you have never tasted coffee until you have been to Europe! Although extremely strong – nothing beats a fresh cappuccino with a shortbread cookie.  Some of the Baristas are extremely talented leaving you with a special design in your cup of joe.  It makes it really difficult to come home and get the same experience with the taste and excitement of coffee.  By the way, girls if you like you skinny vanilla lattes like me – they are somewhat hard to find in Europe depending on your location but you may get lucky and encounter a Starbucks.  My suggestion is to let it go and live like the romans.

I will eventually post tasty food recipes I have learned from different cultures all over 🙂

Leafs or Feathers – Who cares?! It’s Awesome!

If your not a coffee fan – have some Champs and watch the Eiffel Tower Sparkle (Paris, France)

Capps in Venice, Italy

A Face in my Capp (Bolzano, Italy)

Or enjoy Thick hot Chocolate during the Christmas Markets (Bolzano, Italy)

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